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Base Covers

Using new base covers greatly improve the appearance of unsightly parking lot poles. Virtually maintenance-free and easy to install; they can extend the life of the poles. Contact us for more information!

WP9 Powermid lenses

WHAT: The WP9 Powermid is a 9-sided acrylic lens, designed to maximize light distribution in an energy conscious environment.

WHY: In many energy saving programs where delamping takes place, it creates a light fixture which appears to be improperly lit. Although the light levels meet the required standards, employees feel their environment has low uncomfortable light levels.

HOW: The design conceals missing lamps while maximizing the efficiency of the fixture. While the results of a light meter may not always be satisfactory, a properly lit light fixture is. By the way, the WP9 can also increase the efficiency of a standard 2/4 light fixture in certain applications.

Fabricated Replacement Accent Lighting Panels

Western Illuminated Plastics, Inc. fabricated replacement accent lighting panels on the exterior of the building. Material used is white acrylic flatsheet - 1/8" thick.

Prototype Lenses

Western Illuminated Plastics, Inc. is able to fabricate prototype lenses. This lens was created using the client's design specifications. The customer provided the material - 1/8" thick white satin ice.